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Bukit Panjang Tuition Class recognizes the unique learning needs of each student and tailor our approach to their specific requirements, fostering a LOVE for learning. We welcome students of all backgrounds and abilities, ensuring that no one is left behind in their educational journey. 

Our Teaching Methodology

Stage 1: Initial Assessment

The goal of the initial assessment is to identify area(s) where students may need additional support, and establish a foundation for meaningful engagement throughout their learning journey with our centre. We shall tailor our assessment methodology to your specific need(s). In accordance to the result of the assessment, we will be making use of the most convenient methodology to design the most efficient  curriculum for the student(s).

Stage 2: Set Clear Goal

  • Identify Objectives: Clearly define the learning objectives for the lesson.
  • Prioritize Topics: Help the student identify key topics or areas that require more attention.

Stage 3: Active Learning Techniques

  • Mind Maps: Help the student create visual representations of the relationships between different concepts
  • Review Materials: Offer review materials such as summaries and notes.
  • Additional Resources: Suggest additional resources like online articles, videos, or practice questions.
  • Break It Down: Break the revision into smaller, focused sessions with intervals in between.
  • Past Exams: Practice with past exam papers to familiarize the students with the format and types of questions.
  • Mock Tests: Administer mock tests to simulate exam conditions and build confidence.

Stage 4: Encourage Self Reflection

  • Self-Assessment: Encourage the student to self-assess their understanding of topics.
  • Identify Weaknesses: Help them identify areas where they may need more focus.

Stage 5: Personal Support

  • Individual Sessions: Offer individualized support through one-on-one sessions.
  • Adjust Strategies: Modify revision strategies based on the student’s feedback and experience.
  • Stress Management: Provide strategies for managing stress and anxiety. 
  • Positive Reinforcement: Provide positive reinforcement and encouragement.

By providing guidance, resources, and a supportive environment, you can help students develop effective revision habits and succeed academically.

Subjects & Grade Levels

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Secondary Levels

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Weighted Assessment / Test / Examination Preparation

irSingapore places a strong emphasis on academic performance and has a merit-based system, making final year examinations especially critical in the educational journey. Thus, Weighted-Assessment Approach is commonly executed at various levels to ensure a more holistic evaluation of students. At Bukit Panjang Tuition Class, we are ready to create affordable and efficient Study Boosters that fit into students’ intensive revision schedule covering all the tested topics in their next prominent test(s) or examination(s).

Our Study Boosters:

  • Specifically prioritize important contents and topics or chapters to equip every student individualized needs ahead of the test(s) or examination(s).
  • Focusing on the individual weakness, boost their morale and confidence to counter their exam stress.

Weighted Assessment & Examination Preparation Revision Programmes

Basic Revision Package

  • 4 sessions for each subject;
  • Each session – @3 hours;
  • Resolve all doubts;
  • Revised all concepts and formulas;
  • Enrich, enforce and reinforce ! 

Standard Revision Package

  • 8 sessionss for each subject;
  • Each session @3 hours;
  • Resolve all doubts;
  • Revised all concepts and formulas;
  • Enrich, enforce and reinforce ! 

High Intensity Revision Package

  • 12 sessions for each subject;
  • Each session @3 hours;
  • Resolve all doubts;
  • Revised all concepts and formulas;
  • Enrich, enforce and reinforce ! 

Professional Tutors


All our tutors are qualified and certified by MOE. We attract and retain the most passionate and experienced educators who are dedicated to nurturing students’ growth and development.

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Online Tutoring

Bukit Panjang Tuition Class now offers both Online Virtual and Physical Classroom Tuition Classes. Our online lessons mirror the quality and effectiveness of our in-person lessons, providing seamless teaching, discussions, and resolution of any difficulties students may face. With our proven track records of success stories, our Online Tutoring has empowered countless students to achieve their academic goals.

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Bukit Panjang Tuition Class offers a wide range of comprehensive services to support students in their educational pursuits. We take pride in nurturing countless successful tutees who have achieved remarkable academic goals.

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