“Mrs Yin is a very caring teacher. She looks after all the needs of her students. The past two years of learning under Mrs Yin had been a joyful experience for me. I believed that it was due to her passion for teaching that has made my learning much more engaging.”

Ng Mai Fong, Greenridge Secondary School

“Dear Mrs Yin,

Both Kishan and Rishan were average students who were not confident in their school subjects prior to joining your tuition in Primary School. Through your countless hours of guiding them, initiative to recommend extra classes as you saw fit and investing to ensure clarity in their understanding, they have gone from marginally passing their subjects to attaining top scores for Math and Sciences in their respective schools and even to the extent of being confident enough to coach their peers. Thank you for being approachable and earnestly caring for their educational development. “

Santhi, Parent of Ramkishan and Ramrishan

“Mrs Yin’s tuition has helped me immensely. Not only has it improved my grades, I have also built my confidence to a great extent.

When I first joined her tuition class, I was failing my Additional & Elementary Mathematics. After a few months, I got straight Aces for both subjects. Therefore I would really recommend her tuition group to my friends and schoolmates as it will benefit them immensely too.”

Shiv Charan Rai, S4 NA-Bukit Batok Secondary School

“Dear Mrs Yin,

Skylar was weak in Math before attending your lessons and we saw tremendous improvements after a few weeks. Mr Yin and you gave him great guidance and confidence. We are grateful to the effort put into improving our child’s results. ”

Joline Aw, Parent of Skylar Lee

“Dear Mrs Yin, I would like to thank you for your great guidance, patience and effort given to my child, Glain who is previously very weak in her Science subject and has failed her P4 Science in the first 2 terms exams. After attending your Science class starting in Apr ’13, she has greatly benefited from it and finally passed her term 3 Science examination with remarkable improvement scoring 74. She is now more confident and has better understanding concepts of the subject. She is no more afraid of Science and is determined to strive harder towards a better performance.

I am sincerely grateful and would recommend any parents to your tuition centre as you are an experienced teacher who knows the subject well.”

Mrs Lim, Senja

Before coming to this tuition class, I was very weak in terms of my English and my Mathematics, getting a grade of about B4 to C6 for every test. However, after enrolling into this tuition class, I found that my foundation for my English and Mathematics have steadily improved after the completion of the many numerous but effective assignments that were given during the lessons.

I also take Science(Pure Physics and Chemistry) and Additional Mathematics lessons and I find them very good in building up the understanding and concept of each topic.

I would highly recommend this tuition class to any student thinking of enrolling into one with the teachers there who are committed in making sure that all the student’s misconceptions of any subject are immediately cleared.

Thank you very much!

Jeremy Hoy

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