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Bukit Panjang Tuition Class is NOW BOTH Online Virtual & Physical Classroom Tuition Classes

Our Bukit Panjang Tuition Class and now better being known as Online Virtual & Physical Classroom Tuition Classes gives support to children who, for whatever reason, are unable to cope with their school work, fail to perform well in their academic field. Thus, we aim to ensure that our pupils return integrate into the school’s expectations from them as soon as possible.

Every child’s progress matters us! Thus, , we do not hesitate to arrange EXTRA complimentary lessons for any students who are in need.

Regardless of race and belief, , we provide the best learning environment for the students. Our educators are always prepared to face the challenge from teaching the most ‘difficult’ to the most ‘intelligent’ student.

It is always a heart breaking moment to know that any of the students who didn’t manage to do acceptably well in any one test or examination.

‘A child’s progress really matters us !’

  • Preschool

    All children at the Pre-school level should learn important items that will help them develop a strong knowledge basis needed for academic success.

    They cite these essential Cognitive Foundations, adapted from Essential Cognitive Skills :

    1. Problem-solving skills

    2. A set of attitudinal and self–management skills that include attention management, comprehension monitoring and persistence.

    3. Understanding skills.

    4. Skills in drawing inferences and making predictions.

    5. Ability to inter-translate between language and mental images so that thoughts can be expressed easily.

    With all the above-mentioned foundations, children will be more prepared to conquer the demands placed on them by their future primary schools

  • Primary School

    Primary school education plays a vital role in the development of young pupils. What the primary school children learn and experience during their primary levels of education can shape their views of themselves and the world.

    They can even determine their later success or future in school, work and also affect their personal lives. Primary school students are introduced to Mathematics, Languages, Science and Social Studies.

    Primary school educators may make use of games, music, artwork, books, computers and other teaching tools to impart the basic skills in the children.

    Thus, educators at the primary levels are usually generalists rather than specialized educators and they are required to teach most of the subjects.

    All in all, the primary curriculum is an integrated curriculum.

    Unfortunately, our school teachers are not able to concentrate solely on teaching students of all levels due to numerous administrative tasks, trainings, meetings and CCA, etc. Children who are weak in certain subject matters find it getting harder and harder to cope with the pace of the lessons carry out by their school teachers.

    On the contrary, school teachers are facing the pressure of completing the semester’s syllabus before the beginning of CA or SA. Thus, school teachers face challenges to find a free slot to guide the weaker students during school time schedules.

    As a result, tuition teachers from a good teacher centre for Primary School will fill up this gap by giving dedicated time to clarify any unclear concepts as well as to provide greater exposure for various levels of complexity.

    Even teachers think school alone is not enough and We, tuition teachers from Bukit Panjang Class feel the same way too.

  • Secondary School

    Secondary education takes place in secondary schools and is the stage of education following primary education. In Singapore, primary and secondary educations are compulsory.

    I believe that secondary education is an important part of the preparation for the rest of a student’s life because it is in this period when it is more optimal to develop the skills to be used in the future and create an idea of a profession and projects for the long term. … FIDEL CORDOVA

    “I totally agree because this is the only opportunity which the secondary students spend most of their time in school while gradually they will become adults soon. In school, the secondary students will have their first experience that is a step closer to the real outside.

    For instance, working in groups to complete a school project, working with people from various background, facing problems with others who are not one’s immediate family members!”

    Cindy Kwan

  • JC / Pre-University

    Pre-university education in Singapore is conducted for a duration of two or three years. A student who desires an admission to any local or overseas university must pass this course really well.

    The course can be considered a degree bridge course to prepare students for their university education. Most pre-university courses have mainly three optional streams – Science, Commerce and Arts.

    Regardless of whether a pre-university student can do well in most of the subjects… He/She must pass the General Paper (English language) in the GCE ‘A’ Level Examination to assure a chance to enroll into one’s desired university…

    “Hereby, I would like to share my individual ‘s expertise & knowledge in this compulsory criteria with all the tutees who are in need!”

    …Cindy Kwan