From KiasuParents.comFriday, Mar 14, 2014 I have read with interest the problems and frustrations faced by parents with ‘lazy’ kids who refused to do homework and are addicted to computer games. From my experience, most of the kids are plainly not motivated and disciplined to do well in school. In most cases, it’s not their choice to behave so but are conditioned by their environment.Many parents lament that their children need lots of pushing and cajoling to prepare for their PSLE. I have found that it is a misconception of many parents that preparing for the PSLE starts in P6.I normally advocate that my students start preparing for their PSLE while they are in P5 and start planning with their parents after their P4 final exams. It’s my way of conditioning them to the idea of sitting for that all important exams. In fact, if your child picks up good studying habits when they start school and are consistent in their work, they will not be stressed when they are in upper primary.See more at: